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Project/Product Manager and UX Specialist

A Bit About Me

Who Am I?

I am a product manager with a specialty in user experience. I am also an avid storyteller, a trail runner, and a fan of science fiction. I believe that we are whole individuals, and that compartmentalizing the professional from the rest of our lives limits our abilities to problem solve and bring our full potential to bear on work-related problems. I am looking for work in California that can embrace the idea that my best skills came from broad and varied life experiences.

User Experience Specialist

I’ve lead UX on a wide range of projects (from the construction to education industries). Leading UX include:

– Running and evaluating data from usability tests
– Site mapping, writing user journeys, writing user stories for development teams, writing workflows
– Wireframing and prototyping
– Coordinating design teams to implement UI that addresses all known user needs

Product Manager

The reality is most start-up’s don’t have budget for a full time UX specialist, so that specialty comes with a series of PM skills, including:

– Product planning schedules
– Product financial cases, as well as viability and priority evaluations
– Researching and implementing feature prioritization
– Shepherding projects from inception to market launch in their entirety

Previous Projects

BusyEvent- Customizable Event App

BusyEvent- Customizable Event App

Product manager and UX lead in creating a customizable event app with a web interface. Included the requirement that it be available when a user is offline, meet the needs of many different user types, organize a minimum viable product to get to market within a set budget.
Reverse Auction Platform

Reverse Auction Platform

The use case for this project was an unusual one, to meet the specific needs of a company that allows users to bid against each other in a "blind bidding" process by which they submit a bid that must be lower than their last one, but users do not see what others have bid, only what "place" they are.
EDID 2.0- Enterprise Project Tracking

EDID 2.0- Enterprise Project Tracking

Project tracking and collaboration for global, enterprise client. Includes connection to a company "newsletter" style WordPress site to automatically and easily share out to the company the projects that the Digital Marketing team is working on.
Modustri HDE- Custom Hardware & iPad App

Modustri HDE- Custom Hardware & iPad App

A preventative maintenance tool for the heavy equipment industry that pairs a custom built ultrasonic wear measurement device (WMD) with an iPad to track wear on undercarriage parts on heavy equipment (bulldozers, excavators, etc.).
MBU- College Website Redesign

MBU- College Website Redesign

This was a UX heavy project that I project managed and lead UX on. It required use cases for a wide variety of users (prospective students, parents, current students) and the organization of large amounts of information in an elegant design that would draw local students interest.

Business Thoughts

What Do Project Managers Do Exactly? (“I am not a note taker”)

Here’s the thing though: Great Project Managers are not note takers, list makers, meeting coordinators. Great Project Managers are people who can take a concept or idea and shepherd it from someones head, or notes on the back of a napkin, to reality. All the things project managers do are tools used in this one over-riding goal: Make it happen (preferably on time and under budget).

The tools I use are things anyone can master, but here’s a list of things to look for when you’re on the hunt for a Great Project Manager.

A Holistic Life- Advantages of Out-Of-The-Box

I have heard many times that I should “clean up” my online presence. That my storytelling, and my fan blogs, and other parts of me should not be part of what is available to those looking to hire me for “professional” work. I smile, and nod, and move on doing what I’m doing. The truth is, being a storyteller and a fan and a friend and a family member are all the biggest advantages you could look for in an employee.